The ultimate goal of the EcoDrive project is to develop an ecosystem of mechanisms and tools able to promote the adoption of ecological and safe driving. The system will interact with the users by creating a two-way communication relationship. On the one hand, the drivers will provide driving behavior and route data, and on the other hand, the system will provide helpful information on adopting eco-friendly driving strategies.

To achieve this goal, data directly from users’ smartphones will be gathered and utilized with no user involvement. In order to improve the accuracy of the system and users’ experience, advanced positioning and identification tools supported by Galileo Satellite Signals will be used. Within the framework of the project, advanced signal correction algorithms and other tools will be used to enhance the accuracy and integrity of the sensors’ signals.

A naturalistic driving experiment will be conducted to collect the required data involving at least 50 drivers. Participants of the experiment will have access to the EcoDrive app on their smartphone and have an OBD-equipped vehicle to gather driving behavior data, fuel consumption, vehicle condition, and other external factors, such as time of day and type of road. These data will be enriched with traffic data provided by Athens Traffic Management Center for the same period. Then, sophisticated models will be developed to calculate fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, taking into account three main components: driving behavior, road geometry, and traffic conditions. The output of the model will be disseminated to the drivers in the form of eco-footprint and other valuable information.

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