The EcoDrive project aims to develop an ecosystem of mechanisms and tools able to promote the adoption of ecological and safe driving.

the ecodrive project

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Ecodrive lottery

On the 5th of April, the Ecodrive team conducted online the first lottery for the participants of the ecodrive experiment. We are pleased to announce that the lucky winner who will receive a Xiaomi Poco X3 smartphone is ecodriver015 !! During the project, there will be other lotteries as a sign of gratitude for the … Continue reading Ecodrive lottery

Progress on the experiment

Within the framework of the EcoDrive project the participants of the experiment received their OBD’s which they installed easily at their vehicles and with the EcoDrive app on their smartphones, we are ready to gather driving behavior data, fuel consumption, vehicle’s condition and other external factors that will contribute to our experiment.

1st publication in the scientific journal

We are happy to announce the first publication with the title “Eco-Driving and Its Impacts on Fuel Efficiency: An Overview of Technologies and Data-Driven Methods” by Panagiotis Fafoutellis, Eleni G. Mantouka and Eleni I. Vlahogianni. The scope of this paper is to present an overview of recent literature referring to eco-driving and developed models for … Continue reading 1st publication in the scientific journal

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